Words words words

I’m surprised to say that for an aerial puppetry piece I’m using a lot of words! I’ve a script and everything, which this afternoon I will diligently learn whilst practising delivering the punch lines.

It’s almost a week till Volt and I have a rough piece in front of me. With some more rehearsal it should at the very least give you an essence of the piece and at the most leave you wiping away poignant tears through your laughter! No pressure there.

Here’s a taster of what this week has looked like with cameos from Jo Munton and Jimmy Whiteaker, and Giles Bennett’s insightful photography…

Puppet remodelling
Photo by Giles W Bennett

The Amazing Outside Eye that is Jimmy Whiteaker


Here’s the new show structure. Had an amazingly great day with Jimmy exploring what material I have, what’s at the heart of it and how it links. These nice bits of coloured paper are the result…don’t zoom in or you’ll ruin the suprise.

I’ve still plenty to crack on with before showing this to anyone but I wanted to document how chuffed I am with what we have created today and so incredibly grateful to Jimmy for his amazing mind! He has really understood what I’m trying to communicate and brought it all together. His Outside Eye should be legendary.

Back to work….

October has arrived!


It’s incredible how quickly time has flown by, and already it is the 1st October! We are now in ‘distributing flyers’ stage and considering what will be staged at Volt in 13 days!

This week has been tumultuous…Jo delivered the new puppet strong enough to hold my weight. He may be able to hold mine but I’m struggling with his! I’ve also been working with Jimmy Whiteaker who’s asked some really important questions and we’re working to boil the piece down to its bones then stick the meat back on. Or some similar metaphor! Which all means that right now I have no idea what I’ll show you at Volt. Still 4 days left in the rehearsal space so still plenty to play for.

I’m the meantime, here are some pictures:




Greater than the sum of its parts (Day 5)

Lyn Routledge

Lyn found an exciting way of adapting the trapeze as well as finding great ways Seamus and I can interact whilst in the air!

Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres

Alex and Seamus made great friends! I can’t wait for everyone to hear Alex’s beautiful and inspired composition.

I am so grateful for everyone who has worked with me this week, Giles, Lyn and Alex as well as input from Jimmy (Whiteaker), they have all brought such amazing energy, enthusiasm and expertise! I also feel very lucky that everyone has been excited about rigging, design, costume and theatre as well as their individual specialities, and it is down to their contributions that the piece is starting to take shape.

Here is what happens when I’m left to my own devices…Me dancing around.

Day Three: working with Lyn

This morning everything has seemingly fallen together….I woke up with ideas about the middle section and how to approach it. I’m also looking forward to working with Lyn Routledge!

To celebrate I have stuck things to the wall. I hope as the amount of things stuck to the wall increases so will my feeling of success!


Yesterday afternoon Seamus and I spent some quality time alone together and to be honest he didn’t pull his weight.


Day One of R&D: Giles Saves the Day

Giles in toe hang

Many thanks to Giles W Bennett, who is an absolute legend (as well as a Guardian Award Winning photographer) and definitely saved the day with his rigging assistance, fixing abilities and directorial input. I am very very grateful. He can also do a mean toe hang on the trapeze. I will post some of his choice pictures soon.

Giles repairing puppet

It turns out devising is filled with hours of swearing frustration punctuated by moments of mindful calm. Luckily I found something wonderful right at the end of the day so have finished on a high, and subdued the panic.

Notes from during the day:

9.26am: Sat in the kitchen finishing a second coffee (possibly a bad idea to have two), I’ve ticked everything off my list that I need to bring and there is a neat pile by the door waiting to be loaded into the car. Seamus the puppet is still upstairs and I cannot forget to bring him. Only 2 minutes till the time I said we have to leave…Giles is ready (who will be taking photographs) so time to go!


2.15pm: “Half rehearsal, half photography, half scrap heap challenge” said by Giles after repairing the puppet’s leg with cable ties.

3.58pm: Drank more coffee. Repaired the puppet’s arm. Talked about rigging. Back to work.

*for the record, most of the time not recorded was spent rigging or devising!

Final Thought:

I am trying to raise £500 to go towards the project, if you haven’t seen any information about it yet, then follow this link.