First (and last?) show of 2019: He Ain’t Heavy


If you are looking at this picture, thinking ‘What is going on here?!’ then January 9th may be your last chance to find out…

Here’s where we’re at; We have had amazing support from the Arts Council and many others and we’re incredibly chuffed to have been on a U.K. wide tour and to have received such a lovely reception. In 2019 we will be creating Oddly Moving’s second show and putting HAH out to pasture, to have a well earned rest, only to be brought out for special occasions.

This means we can’t guarantee what will happen next for HAH, so if you have been meaning to come along and it hasn’t worked out yet then this is the time!

We also have a very special cameo appearance from Francesca Dunford, who is stepping in for Sophie for this show. Without us knowing before asking her to join us, she has previously trained in aikido and can do a mean ‘twisty-arm-restriction-thing.’ So if you would like to see the show and see Chez effortlessly take me down and visit the lovely town of Chichester then… THIS IS THE TIME.

Tickets here:

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