#ONTOUR Barnsley to Sale…

We had such a warm reception from Barnsley Civic and their audiences on Wednesday, thankyou to everyone for making us feel so at home! Sophie has decided that Barnsley is her new home town, as this is her second appearance in the Assembly Room, and she knows almost everyone. To be fair we could travel to the remotest location at the end of the world and Sophie would be guaranteed to bump into someone she knows. This is partly why touring with her is such a joy, but I digress. Here’s some audience feedback from Wednesday’s show:

Barnsley Civic Feedback for He Ain't Heavy

We spent the following day doing circus workshops in Barnsley College with their Learning for Living and Work students, where we had the pleasure of meeting a lot of amazing people! Everyone learnt poi, diablo, juggling balls and scarves, and spinning plates, with some very joyous inventions. We hope to come back again soon.

Whilst I wouldn’t usually share my holiday snaps here (that’s what Instgram’s for), Soph and I had a couple of hours exploring the Yorkshire Sculpture Park before moving on to our next tour destination. It was uplifting to walk through the autumnal trees finding sculptures along the way, whilst indulgently sharing my nostalgia for Bretton Hall.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

There is still time to catch He Ain’t Heavy this year and Up North as we will be performing at The Waterside in Sale this Saturday. As a new company with our first show it really helps us if you can spread the word, so please spread far and wide!

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