I want to tell the story again…

For three years now Jimmy has been guiding me through the trials and joys of devising autobiographical text. It seems ironic but the hardest challenge has been authenticity; how to recreate the honest kernel of a sentence that has been said for the 50th time and remembering why I said it in the first place. I can see it from the outside; I can see the sections that don’t always land, the importance of drive, changes of pace and crafting the text. From the inside I feel a hotbed of conflicting emotions that have to be allowed to exist but cannot always colour the text. For Sophie and I to be entirely present with the audience, which is what we are aiming for, means holding both these intellectual and emotional states at once. This is what we have been sharing with our audiences over our summer tour.

We’ve come a long way since I enacted the first time I remember my brother having a fit in the middle of a shop. I remember feeling entirely exposed and upset in a way that I hadn’t allowed myself to be when it had happened. This is now part of the meat and the bones of the story, and even on the days when I struggle to find the craft the story tells itself.

I’ve metaphorically shut the van door on this stage of the tour, waved goodbye to Sophie and Callum and moved on to new challenges, but I can’t get the show out of my head. I’d like to do it better. As Jeanette Winterson might say, I’d like to tell the story again. Luckily we can, as we continue our tour in the autumn – we’d love to see you there!

“Brave, Brilliant & Touching.

An incredible performance from the heart, loved every second!

Absolutely stunning beautiful portrayal of what it is to love someone with severe autism. Beautiful.

What a beautiful, authentic, sharing so creatively thoughtful & real. I am deeply touched & moved. Thankyou for the relaxed performance which allowed my son to come in and out and be himself.

Thank you for this moving piece of work – such warmth, generosity, depth of feeling, informality, border crossing combined with precision and grace.

Visually and emotionally powerful. Makes me think about sibling relationships and how important they are.

Beautiful, emotional, moving, takes me back to my childhood. Thankyou!”

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