Premiere at Hull Truck Theatre

Last week we premiered He Ain’t Heavy at Hull Truck Theatre! It was an absolute pleasure to do one of the most grown-up things I’ve done to date, whilst staying with my mum.  It was brilliant to have almost all the team in the room at the same time, and to have a lot of fun whilst working hard. Thank you to Hull Truck Theatre and Hull City Council for their generous support.

What really struck me performing this for the first time was the warmth from the audience and their enthusiasm to become part of the performance. We met some incredible people and I married 4 brilliant individuals. I was also really grateful for the feedback both in the post show talk and in the bar after the shows, especially for the opportunity to talk with people whose family is like mine. It’s nice to know we have a shared version of normal.

Sophie and I were also lucky enough to deliver circus workshops in local schools working with young people with special education needs and behavioural challenges. It’s difficult to summarise the experience of working with around 100 children as they are all so different and each were working to their own goals, but overall we were impressed by every child’s excitement and focus as well as their brilliant imaginations. Two of my favourite moments were noticing one boy moving in swirling dance-like patterns whilst twirling poi and at another school playing catch with a young lad who was delighted every time the ball passed between us.

We are very excited about performing again this week as part of Bristol Circus City at the Trinity Centre,  so please join us there if you’d like too see the finished show. We are also running a circus workshop for siblings and young carers on Thursday 11 – 12pm, which is completely free.


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