Summer Residency @PDSW

A lot has happened in the 9 months since I last posted a blog…where does the time go! Most excitingly He Ain’t Heavy is now being produced by Turtle Key Arts; Ali King has taken us under her wing as we gear up for touring in the autumn and beyond. So after months of planning, funding applications and creative chats we are now back in the rehearsal room.

Last week we were incredibly lucky to have a summer residency at Pavillion Dance South West. We were very grateful to everyone there for such a brilliant experience and it was a fantastic opportunity to spend focused time revisiting the movement from the show and exploring how we can develop it. Sophie and I now have a ‘He Ain’t Heavy’ vocabulary of movement that includes “Head-Lock and Roll” and other  restraining techniques we happened to find on the internet! It was a hugely productive week for finessing and generating material, as well as giving us a heads start on clarifying the overall structure.

For one morning, whilst I worked on straps, I was joined by Jan Roe who was drawing as I moved. It was such a lovely experience to share creative space with Jan and an insight to discover she feels the movement as she draws it.


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