Post Preview…Perambulations

I have in fact been for a few walks since we completed the two previews of He Ain’t Heavy last week; I’ve walked to my wife’s allotment, I’ve walked along the Bristol to Bath cycle path (and experienced the most unusual heckle to date – “scrumdiddlyumptious”) and today I walked to Ikea under the pretence of returning some fairy lights that we didn’t need for the show, but in all honesty I fancied some 50p chips. This week I’ve also taken a stroll around all our work to examine if we have done what we set out to do. I read over the ACE reporting requirements and experienced a sense of sinking disappointment; not that I had to write an evaluation but that I only had 9000 characters to cram my brain into… I was geekily relieved to discover I can also attach a self evaluation report!

So whilst I am contemplating fonts, formats and frameworks here are some photos taken by Paul Blakemore in the dress rehearsal for the preview. We also have more workshops coming up, a website to launch and we are discussing touring plans for 2017, so there will be plenty more news coming soon…

he-aint-heavy-trinity-sep-2016-pb-15 he-aint-heavy-trinity-sep-2016-pb-21 he-aint-heavy-trinity-sep-2016-pb-33 he-aint-heavy-trinity-sep-2016-pb-28

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