It’s Never Dull in Hull

IMAG0799Whilst being the best catch-line ever invented for a city (and so good I even bought the t-shirt) it truly is never dull in Hull! We (Sophie, Jimmy and I) were honoured to be Hull Truck’s first ever residency artists as part of their artist support scheme #BeOurGuest. We felt incredibly welcomed and by the end of the week we felt so at home that it was a real shame to leave.

Sophie Postlethwaite (aka. Productions by Sophie) is the newest addition to the He Ain’t Heavy team and will be my co-performer! We spent three days generating as much material as possible, with the added luxury of throwing things together knowing that Jimmy (Whiteaker, He Ain’t Heavy Director) would be arriving to edit and mould all the material we created. By late on Wednesday afternoon we had covered an entire mirror with notes and devised a ton of material. We also had the pleasure of working remotely with Alexandra Hamilton Ayres (He Ain’t Heavy Composer) who created some amazing soundscapes for us to experiment with, one of which we have named “The Dark Tinkle.”


The final two days with both Jimmy and Sophie went far too quickly! We explored some themes of the piece and experimented with repeating motifs – I’m tempted not to say anymore though so the end result remains a surprise. We also had an inspiring chat with Rowan Rutter, the Creative Producer at Hull Truck, in part learning about the amazing engagement work that is happening there and how integral Hull Truck is to the city. I for one am grateful for their Youth Theatre as that has had a massive impact on where I am today!



Last but certainly not least we also went to visit the main protagonist of the show – Mr Sean Pickard! Unforunately he had a chest infection (which is a lot better now) so he wasn’t quite his ususal self but this did mean I got lots of cuddles.


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