Conversations I don’t mind having

If you didn’t see this, there was a great piece in the Saturday guardian last week by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett (of Vagenda fame) about her autistic brother:

The conversation I wish I didn’t have to have

A lot of her experiences felt familiar, but the questions she encounters are slightly different to those I’ve heard. Also I don’t mind having those conversations which I guess is why I’m making a show about it! The two most common ones recently are:

1. How does Sean feel about the show?

2. Will he be coming to watch?

In answer, he is completely oblivious to it as it has no relation to his essential needs (chips, pie, sausage roll, jigsaws etc) so even if I were to tell him he wouldn’t understand and he won’t be coming to watch as if he did as soon as he saw me he would walk on stage shouting ‘ya-ya’ and the drag me out demanding to be taken in the car! Hopefully though he’ll feel the benefit if a few more people understand him better.


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