Day One of R&D: Giles Saves the Day

Giles in toe hang

Many thanks to Giles W Bennett, who is an absolute legend (as well as a Guardian Award Winning photographer) and definitely saved the day with his rigging assistance, fixing abilities and directorial input. I am very very grateful. He can also do a mean toe hang on the trapeze. I will post some of his choice pictures soon.

Giles repairing puppet

It turns out devising is filled with hours of swearing frustration punctuated by moments of mindful calm. Luckily I found something wonderful right at the end of the day so have finished on a high, and subdued the panic.

Notes from during the day:

9.26am: Sat in the kitchen finishing a second coffee (possibly a bad idea to have two), I’ve ticked everything off my list that I need to bring and there is a neat pile by the door waiting to be loaded into the car. Seamus the puppet is still upstairs and I cannot forget to bring him. Only 2 minutes till the time I said we have to leave…Giles is ready (who will be taking photographs) so time to go!


2.15pm: “Half rehearsal, half photography, half scrap heap challenge” said by Giles after repairing the puppet’s leg with cable ties.

3.58pm: Drank more coffee. Repaired the puppet’s arm. Talked about rigging. Back to work.

*for the record, most of the time not recorded was spent rigging or devising!

Final Thought:

I am trying to raise £500 to go towards the project, if you haven’t seen any information about it yet, then follow this link.


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